A last summer walk

"It still feels like summer to me."

“It still feels like summer to me.”

The air was warm, and the sun was bright when I got up this morning. The calendar told me that the seasons had switched from Summer to Fall but, looking out the window at the suns bright rays, I didn’t want to believe it. I was going to enjoy the last bits of the warm sun before bidding it good-bye for another year.

After getting dressed I traveled to the Da Vinci Gardens. I love the way the sun glimmers off the polished mantles and the architecture lends to a slight feel of fantasy and history at the same time.

I stopped on one of the bridges and looked down to the water below. Seagulls circled over the water banks and I laughed as a wisp of cool air ran up to tickle my face. So maybe Fall is on the rise, but right now I was going to pretend that it’s a warm, summer day.


Dress: Loordes of London-Rockabilly Bombshell- 10L @ The Wash
Hair: Vanity Hair::Sooner or Later-browns (hat included!)
Shoes: Lindy Orla Black – for Slink Med heel – 10L @ The Wash


Chop Zuey –  Sp MoonBeam Gld Set Necklace & Earrings –10L @ The Wash
*OAL* Elements Jewelry ~ Fire bracelets

Poses: IsoMotion – Fashion 40

Taken on location at the Da Vinci Gardens


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