Choose, shoes, choose

"Which shoes should I wear?"

“Which shoes should I wear?”

It’s Friday night. The work day is done, and now it’s time to go out on the town and drop all that work day stress! I didn’t want to take a jacket with me – it’s not that cold outside yet – but wanted to be warm just in case. This knit sweater would do nicely. I hardly have a problem finding something to wear, but shoes?  That’s a story in itself.

High heel, wedge, flat, do I have shoes in the color that will match the outfit I put together? Then I remembered that I have these incredible ‘Boston Heels’ from *Preptopia*. A bit of glitz, and a lot of glam, they even have the ability to change color to match whatever I put together. Come to think of it, my dress can change color too!

I guess it really doesn’t which Boston heel I wear, it’s sure to match my style.  City night, here I come.


"Any one of these will do!"

“Any one of these will do!”

Dress: *Preptopia* Fabulous Fall Dark Colors
Hair: Magika [01] Honest
Shoes: *Preptopia* Boston Heels Slate for Slink High – Available Oct 1. @ WEIB Special Sale Room


BeBo-Runway-12 from BehaviorBody
[LA] Dressing Room Table


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