Lazy Days

"Can't I stay here the whole day?"

“Can’t I stay here the whole day?”

There are some days when I feel tired. I may have slept the whole night through yet I wake to find lethargy continuing to cling to my back.  Perhaps I didn’t get as much sleep as believed?  I’ve heard it say that when a person actively dreams their body isn’t getting any real rest at all.

Despite the laziness of the day, how many of us can afford to lay back and sleep it away?  I know I can’t.  There are things to be done and people to see.

Once I made a decision to get up and get moving, I slowly found my tiredness melting away.  That’s the thing about being tired, or lazy – whatever the case my be –  that until you get out and do something about it, you’ll stay in that state. Sure the cat naps are great, but so are many other things.

"Perhaps getting out wasn't such a bad idea."

“Perhaps getting out wasn’t such a bad idea.”

I went outside and felt the sun – though not as warm as a summer one – beating against my face. I found myself smiling as I listened to the water as it trickled from the fountain. There is so much going on, so many possibilities to see, if we would choose to get up and move about.

As I took a deep breath of cool air I decided that I wasn’t going to let today go to waste.


  • Jorica Iron Dress – By Velvet Whip
  • Jorica Iron Shrug – By Velvet Whip

( Can be found at the current round of The Fantasy Room )

Headdress:  Gayat al-Muna Sun Tiara {Gold} – By ~Soedara~

Hair: *LOVE* – By .:EMO-tions:.


  • – The Debutante Chaise – Red – By Diesel Works
  • [DP] Lean Back 4 – By DeePosed

Shot on location at: Obsession Exposed Studio, Gallery & Gardens


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