Out for a Ride

After a long week of work there is nothing better than the feel something hard and fast between your legs.

"Hmm, I think I'm lost...."

“Hmm, I think I’m lost….”

When you rev up the engine on a motorcycle, and settle down in the seat, the road is the answer to everything. Nothing is going to stop me now!

Or, that’s what I thought.
You see, the bike isn’t mine. I borrowed it for the night and planned on riding out alone to see what I could find. Even though I’m horrible when it comes to directions, I was going to have an adventure.

While riding, I got caught up in my ‘motorcycle fantasy’ and I stopped paying attention to where I was going. Next thing I knew I was in some backwater town and had no clue as to which way was what.

I pulled up next to a truck stop, but didn’t see anyone outside.  The only sounds I heard came from a couple lazy dogs and a bit of ruckus inside the dive bar. Maybe this wasn’t the best place to stop, but at least there were people nearby. Perhaps one of them would come out, see I was lost, and offer help?

"I'll wait here. Someone will be around to help me."

“I’ll wait here. Someone will be around to help me.”

It’s worth a shot! All I can offer for payment is a smile, there are not any pockets in this skirt.


  • Outfit: Attitude is Everything – Jacket / bra / Arm Warmer – from :.Envious.:
  • Bitter Pill – Skirt – from LivGlam

Hair: *MESH*Cyber Dreads*FEMALE – from Yasum
Shoes: *MESH*Goth Stiletto’s*Mega Hud controlled – from Yasum


  • ::AME:: Lian Collar Onyx
  • [MA] – Dragoness Makeup Kit Brown
  • (SS) Chrysalis Black Diamond Set  – earrings


  • BeBo-Runway-12 – from BehaviorBody animations
  • Olive Juice- Sexy Sit 3 – From Olive Juice

Shot on location at: STURGIS,Black Hill’s – Sponsored by Devils Loonatics & HBMC

Thanks to Ben [ leviathantzimisce ] for the Bike!


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