An Evening Out

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting this!"

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting this!”

Imagine my surprise when I came home, this Sunday evening, and found another note attached to my door. It was from the same man who had invited me to the Dark Forest a couple of weeks ago.  From that experience, I can you that it was worth it and why this note had my heart pounding.  This time, I was being invited for an evening haunt, but for an elegant dinner outdoors.

Attached to the note was a picture of a chandelier — that was the only indication of how I was to dress.  Fortunately, I have an array of elegant dresses, including my lasted one, the Vintage Muse dress from *Preptopia*. Having the perfect mix of classic vintage and a brocade pattern, I could be classy and modern at the same time.

"Now, where is he?"

“Now, where is he?”

When I reached my destination, I was glad I wore what I had, though I hadn’t expected all that I saw! Porcelain plates and crystal glasses, a personal server, what was all of this? The guy I saw in the forest didn’t seem to be this high fashion.

I suppose it would be rude to eat without him, but all the food was making me hungry.  I was here, where was he?


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * PARIS*


  • !dM deviousMind “Satine La Rouge” **GOLD** Choker
  • *Shack*— Tiara


  • IsoMotion – Haute Stand – High Waist – Right 3
  • Di’s Opera – Ravissante Line 1 – 10

Shot on location at: Heightened Passion


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