Standing in Zen

"Let all my cares fall away."

“Let all my cares fall away.”

It was after work. The sun was starting to sink under the horizon and I wished that it would take my stress away with it. The day had been productive, but it was stressful as well. I guess that’s the formula for a good day in the office. Now my destination was the quiet calm of a Japanese garden.

The fading sun was warm and the garden absent of others. It was the perfect place to find peace. I leaned against the open garden gate and closed my eyes, the trickling sound of the koi pond’s fountain lulling me into a dreamy haze.

"I happened to be in the neighborhood."

“I happened to be in the neighborhood.”

Perhaps it was only a minute, or maybe it was ten, but soon sounds of footfalls broke through the monotony of fountain and drew me back to reality. Someone else was here.

I pushed off the gate and quietly wandered through the garden, curious to see who was there, yet unsure if I wanted to engage in conversation. Always a curious one, I kept up my search until I saw a man braced against a wall column. I knew him. It was my friend Marcus.  But, what was he doing here?

When I asked, he said he happened to be in the area. I didn’t believe him. It wasn’t a scene he normally visited or I’ve heard him tell tale of in our past conversations.

We talked for a bit, mostly idle banter with vague responses. I was never good at small-talk and sudden encounters tended to make me nervous. Content to let Marcus be about his own designs of whatever brought him here, I offered a polite smile and made an excuse to leave.

Marcus reached for my hand and said that I should change my mind about going. Should I stay, or should I go?

"Take my hand," he said. "And stay longer with me."

“Take my hand,” he said. “And stay longer with me.”

Wearing – Marcus

  • Suit: ~[Motivacation] Gentleman Outfit
  • Shoes: Res Max Leather Black de luxe shoes


  • Rings: ::GB:: curb chain ring
  • Earrings: -RYCA- Diamond Stud Earrings Platinum
  • Necklace: -RYCA- Necklace Cross-S Platinum [M]
  • Tattoo: [White~Widow] Dragonwars

Wearing – Ryanna (myself)

  • Loordes of London-The Babbage Post- (red velvet jacket)
  • ISON – work it trousers (tan)
  • Shoes:[Kl55] SAVONA Shoes / Slink medium

Hair: *booN cornrows hair base / and UDE609 hair

Accessories: EarthStones Damiana Amulet & Earrings – Garnet

Poses:  All poses from: Image Essentials Poses, Props and Photo Studio.

  • IE – May I have this Dance
  • Monolith by I.E (edited)
  • IE – Lean 8

Shot on location at: Image Essentials Poses, Props and Photo Studio

Special thanks to Marcus Williams (goatofmendes Resident) for helping!


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