What to Wear?

It was heading into the early evening. My friend, Samantha, and I were shifting through my closet. We were looking for something to wear. Our plan was to put on a dress, fix up our hair, and head out! Sometimes going through your closet to find an outfit is one of the hardest task of the evening. And this was no walk in the park!andsamdone

While shuffling through the fabrics I came across two dresses from Topazia.  These would work great!  Identical in make, we’d look like twins!  Well, almost.  It didn’t take long for us to slip into these sassy and sexy dresses, then we were ready to hit the town! Or maybe we’d take a walk instead.  Topaz’s Vita dress is so versatile, it could go for almost any occasion.

I suppose it didn’t really matter where we went, as long as we had fun. But, just for kicks, we’ll try to see how many mistake us for twins.

Wearing: TOPAZIA- Vita dress [ current Group Gift!] two colors

Poses from: GLITTERATI – The Shopaholic Closet

Hair : ::exile:: Bring it On!

[ Thanks to Samantha (samantha.mint143) for posing with me! ]

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