Sitting in Autumn


“This is what I needed.”

It was a brisk autumn day, but I left my jacket at home and went outside for a stroll.  It had been a long week. A very long past few days even, and the end was finally starting to show its head. I needed to get back to myself, and that meant spending time, alone, with nature.

The warm colors of autumn and the way the tall grasses brushed against me as they swayed in the wind were exactly what I needed.  The regal lion imprinted upon the front of my dress, and stamped boldly on my boots, displayed my confidence that had been recently been stuffed away.

"They are readying for change, too."

“They are readying for change, too.”

As I walked through the fields I came across a group of young deer. They picked up their heads at my approach, but I held out my hands to show them I was non threatening.  Lucky for me they saw it that way too!  It was pleasant to watch them graze among the grasses. I figured that they were getting ready for the climate changes too.

Everything changes.  Everything has its season, and this could very well be mine.

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"It's time to roar like a lion."

“It’s time to roar like a lion.”

Dress: .::Fascino::.  Lioness Print 2
Shoes: .::Fascino::.  Lioness THIGH BOOTS (for Slink High Feet)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Many

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Bracelet :: ENIGMA ::
EarthStones Damiana Amulet – Garnet

*PosESioN* China 4
*PosESioN* China 5

Shot on location at:   Obsession Exposed Studio, Gallery & Gardens

“Some of the treasures we find backfire, but that doesn’t mean we put away our maps.” – by Me


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