On Eagles Wings

"There's magic in the air."

“There’s magic in the air.”

I felt the urge to shed my mundane attire and slip into something more my style. Fantasy and magic have always been close to my heart, and I admit to having faith in things unseen.

The last rays of sunlight were shining boldly against the coming darkness and the night felt magical, so I went to into the forest of Incantre. A land of otherworldly plants and fairy rings, this was the perfect spot to get in touch with the magic of the evening.

"Tell me what troubles you," said the eagle.

“Tell me what troubles you,” said the eagle.

As I walked I heard the call of an eagle overhead. “Yes, my friend? Are you talking to me?” I asked it. The great bird circled over my head, and when I held out my hand he perched there.

He folded down his wings, turned looked at me and spoke. Let me carry your burdens, he said to me. Let me lift your cares high above and out of your reach.

So whispered my cares to the eagle, and I told him of all my woes. When I was done, he stretched out his wings and took to the sky.  The eagle took with him all that I had given.  Free of those burdens.OnEagelsWings

( All items can be found at the current round of The Fantasy Gatcha Carnival )

Dress: The Muses . Empress
Hair: EMO-tions : Heavens Gate

The Annex – Snow Queen Lashes

RACK Poses – Priestess Female Pose 3 (Eagle and Staff included)
RACK Poses – Priestess Female Pose 6 (Eagle included)
*PosESioN* Wicca 5

Shot on location at:   Incantre, A Fantasy/Medieval RP Sim


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