Thoughts on Paper

Ah, smell that fresh mountain air.

Ah, smell that fresh mountain air.

Earlier this day I had hopped on my scooter and drove up to the mountains. On one of the edges, and overlooking the river below, was a small town. Quite people and quaint designs, made this one of my peaceful spots to go to when I wanted to be alone, yet not isolated from others. I’d recommend the place if anyone asked. The coffee here is also a great perk.

I have been so busy with everything. I sat down to read for enjoyment, but I couldn’t make out anything it was saying. The words were foreign and any images that were there looked like finger-painted blobs. Even a long pull on my triple shot caramel macchiato java whip didn’t do me any good.

"So stressed that I can't even read. This is sad."

“So stressed that I can’t even read. This is sad.”

I put my book down and stood up. Due to the climate change, and the altitude, it could be a bit windy up here at times.  Though that’s why I brought  scarf.

This week was ending, and another one was right around the corner.  I cast away cares last week, but I have a bad habit of picking up new ones, simply for the sake of having something to hold.

"Maybe I need to consider working from up here."

“Maybe I need to consider working from up here.”

The air here did feel good, and being able to look down into the river and valleys below helped me to see things in a different perspective.  Maybe if I was going to be busy all the time, I needed a new place to be busy in.

::FAC:: Instinctive Nature outfit (jacket, top, scarf, ring and belt)
Pants: GizzA – Virginia Jeans [Dark Blue]

Hair: Magika [03] Daffodil

*PosESioN* Fe 1 & 2

Shot on location at:   Garlic Breath at Melee Island


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