Lady Night of Winter

"I saw her, standing there on the bridge."

“I saw her, standing there on the bridge.”

It was getting late, and the wind blew cold as I walked through a snowy garden.  The snow was thick here.  Icicles hung off the trees and leaves looked like flattened hanging ice cubes.  It was colder in this part of the garden than it had been elsewhere, you could feel the chilly wind nipping at your nose and your breath freezing as it escaped past your lips.

Then I saw her.  She was standing on a  bridge, her skin was dark and her clothing as frosty as the snow around me.  On her back was a staff that looked like a moon, and snowflakes danced around her as she moved.  I stayed quiet and out of sight.

Her breath formed snowflakes.

Her breath formed snowflakes.

I watched as she created ice crystals and hung them off the bridges rails.  I ducked behind snowy bushes to stay hidden as she moved off the bridge and further into the garden, icing things over wherever she went.  When she pulled her crescent moon staff off her back and  waved it through the air, snowflakes fell.   It was a wondrous sight to see.

The Lady Night of Winter

The Lady Night of Winter


I’m not sure how long I watched her. I wasn’t as cold as I had been before for who could focus on the cold while watching something like this? It must have been her who was responsible for the snowy garden, perhaps she had even visited my home and cast her magic there.  I considered it quite an honor to see this Lady Night of Winter.

Dress:  **Whimsical Imaginarium** White Swan Alpha  (Chest and Hip flowers edited)
Skin:  Aeva // Amelia Skin ~ Drow // Spirited

Hair: Alice Project – Tiffany [M] Frosted – White

[MANDALA] Pierced Elf Ears VER2
+REDRUM+ Snow Time Tattoo Full Body
:: PM :: Ninde Gown in Light Blue Roses Tiara
**Nightfairy’s** Pearl Daimond Tiara
May’s Soul – moon staff silver
~*By Snow*~ Arcane Eye –
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Hunting Souls Gloves

*PosESioN* Fe 2 & 4

Shot on location at:   Let it Snow!


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