Shoes and Roses

What's this?

What’s this?

I came home from a long day at work and found a surprise waiting for me on the table in the antechamber.  A bundle of roses was sitting next to a pair of white shoes. The light in the room reflected off of the small diamonds that trailed along the shoes’ straps.

"These fit perfectly."

“These fit perfectly.”

The door was locked when I got home, so how did these get here? On the table there was also a note that simply read: For you.  Enjoy.  That’s it.  No name. Initials.  Not even a squiggly line.  This had to be from the secret admirer.

"Anyone up there?"

“Anyone up there?”

Suspicions aside, I took off my current shoes and tried the new ones on for size.  They fit perfectly, and the diamonds made me feel special. I spun around in my shoes and even laughed a bit.  I suppose I could forgive the admirer for his forced entry since he left such a lovely gift.

Maybe.. We’ll see. I think I’ll search the house for any broken doors or windows. Can never be too safe!

Dress:  Egoisme – CLEO DRESS

Hair: Magika [02] Forget
Shoes: *Preptopia* Chicago Heels White for Slink Mid ( Available at the WEIB Special Sale Room on December 1 )

DeePosed – Prop Me Up 15
Olive Juice- Sexy Sit 6

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