Being Yourself

Write your own story

Write your own story

For a while I had thought that I was doing a good job at ‘being unique, yet like everyone else.’ Fitting into this large box – that held so little room – was everything that I was suppose to do in order to fit into the framework of being someone else’s definition of ‘unique’. I’ve never understood how a person was to be unique, yet look like everyone else. How we’re all suppose to ‘do your own thing’ but make sure you look like this.  It didn’t make any sense then, and it makes even less sense to me now.

Right when I got comfortable in being myself, I got hit with the fact that isn’t enough like everyone’s normal. It was a hard blow to my own confidence.

I’ll be the first one to champion someone wanting to be different. Someone’s desire to be the red dot on the white canvas. But, due to what I was trying to do, I sought be another person’s unique and it all fell apart. It has taken me a week to work past the fact that I may never fit into the normal definition of ‘uniqueness’. More importantly, I’ve realized that it’s okay.

Be uniquely you

Be uniquely you

It’s okay to be uniquely yourself not just for events, or for when you want to make an impression on the camera. It is okay to live in your own unique way all the time.

Be inspirited to be you – not someone’s version of how they think you should look.

-Pixicat- Festive.Set • Leaf.Diadem (Gold) • Pleated.Skirt – Velvet
-Pixicat- Maiden Top – Cognac
TWA Royal Court Gown
IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Steel Blue
Hair: Magika [02] Forget

-Pixicat- Gladiator.Shoes – White
Remarkable Oblivion – Melancholy – Bracer – Snow
Remarkable Oblivion – ELYSIUM Ear Accessories in WHITE
LUAS – Inara Facechain Common
GizzA – Epaulette Set [Brown] Pearl Necklace

*ES* Tip tapping
[DP] Sitting Pretty 25


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