Winter Walk

"Time to clear my thoughts."

“Time to clear my thoughts.”

There’s nothing like a nice winter walk to clear your head.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it ends up being a walk that gives you lots of other things to think about. When I left my home for this little jaunt, dressed in my fur vest and earmuffs, I had gone out with the expectations of the cool air freeing my mind, and giving peace to the soul. Though, as I walked, my mind started to wander and drift.

Christmas is only a few days away and, while I’ve gotten into the season of winter, I don’t quite have the ‘Christmas’ feeling yet.  I’ve had so much to do recently, I feel as though I’ll never catch up for the big day. When you have a lot of things to do, you start to feel overwhelmed.  When that happens everything steps out of focus.

"What's that?  Remember the simple things?"

“What’s that? Remember the simple things?”

I’ve been trying to get in the Christmas mood, but I think all the pressure of what has been going on has kept the cheer from reaching me directly. However, there are some days left, and my deer friend says that there is hope for me yet; and I’m inclined to believe him.

*Preptopia* Cozy Chic Dark Colors (fur vest)
*Preptopia* Shiny Snowflakes Top Rose
*Preptopia* Skinny Jeans Indigo

Shoes: *LpD* – *OldBoy* Boots Black
Hair: eXxEsS : X-MAS 2014 Gift  (free!)

::: Krystal ::: Heart of Winter – Necklace
^^Swallow^^ Watch WHITE

*agapee* –  agp-gown284
Something New ~ Winter Stump


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