Angel Down

When you've given all you have, give a bit more.

When you’ve given all you have, give a bit more.

“…grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, and the courage to change the things I can …”

Good or bad, everything changes. There will always be opposition to change, and that’s because no two people want the same thing in the exact same way.

When you go through a change it will hurt. The struggle to kick against what has been the normality for so long will not come without consequences.

Sometimes we are willing to fight for those changes because it is something that we want. It may even be something that we need. We fight for this change because it’s something that must happen and we press for it with all that we have.

Then there are the changes that we know must happen, but we don’t want them too. We’ll hop on board and rally behind the change until faced with the brunt of opposition.  Then we shirk back and decide that, though this change is needed, there are other people who will give it all they have. We didn’t want it anyway so why should we be persecuted?

On the other hand, you can fight so long and so hard for change that you grow weary.

Don’t give up. Get up. Keep going. Keep trying to make a change. You never know who is watching and who’s life you are changing.

**Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S main skirt (short)
**Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S shoulder piece l
**Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S sculpt top

Hair: Magika [Hair M] Forget

Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
RO – Eternity Wings – Innocence Container (unpacked)

Pose: *FN* Get Up Again

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