On a Friday

And here we go

And here we go

Not so pleasant things tend to happen in life and, because of them, we can forget that there is still good in the world. Small little bits of magic that can bring a smile to your face or make you forget your troubles for a moment. To me, when these moments come when we least expect them, that’s when they are the best.

In the early morning I received an invitation to come to a manor house. With it was a box and notice that a carriage was waiting outside to take me there when the time was right. What kind of person sends a carriage in these days? I had to check the calendar simply to see if I was in the right century.

Time to go in.

Time to go in.

I checked, and the date was correct.  In the package was a lovely gown from Junebug. I couldn’t wait to put it on. It’s soft, Lavender color suited me well and the look of it put me in the mood for the journey I was to have later.

Sometimes things happen when we least expect them and, when they do, we should simply accept them for what they are. Take the smiles when offered, and go along for the ride.

*{Junbug}* Princess Andel in Lavender FLF Special on  Feb 27
.Olive. the Shiny Hair – Bubble Goth *FLF*  Special on  Feb 27
~Soedara~ Gayat al-Muna Sun Tiara {Gold}

Poses: GLITTERATI – The Princess Carriage

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