To feel the Sun

"I know you're there, Spring."

“I know you’re there, Spring.”

Spring is coming. I can feel it.  The warm sun and the cool air of a lingering winter may be playing a game of tag, but I know that the warmth will win out in the end.  Until then, I know a beach that already has what I need.

When you’ve had a rough day, week, even a month, sometimes what you need is a quite day with the sunshine.  I’ve been having one of those days, so i took to the warm sands at Tequila Sunrise and rested.

"The breeze is great."

“The breeze is great.”

The breeze felt good and the crashing waves and sounds of circling seagulls over head was a small comfort.  The clothing choice, from Goodnight Gear, was a good choice too as it enabled me to relax in both comfort and style.

I’m not sure how long I will out here, enjoying the sun and loosing my cares across the sand, but it will be enough.

(Clothing provided courtesy of Goodnight Gear!)


GG-Jaden Mesh Loose Tank-Asian Prints
GG-Ladies Mesh Skinny Jeans-2

Hair: HOMAGE — INVERSE : Coffees
shoes: *Preptopia* New York Booties Mud Slink High

Shot on location at: ** Just Another Tequilla Sunrise


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