At the Shire

"What a lovely place..."

“What a lovely place…”


“It’s so peaceful.”

There is this place, called the Shire and to me it is as beautiful as the name suggest.  It had a whimsical feel about it – like something out of a folktale.  It was the perfect occasion for me to wear the new dress from Preptopia.

While you may call me a bit over dressed to be walking amongst the paved stones covered with twisting ivy and flowers blossoming from the nooks of fountains, I felt perfectly at home. The dress was the perfect element of class to a place that absorbed itself in beauty and serenity.

Standing in the archways of one of the gardens, I could look down to the ocean and I gave a sigh of content.  This dress was just what I needed today.  It’s sure to be magical here, and anywhere else I wear it.

(Preptopia Midnight Jazz Gown that will be released at Fashion for Life event starting March 21th and running through the 29th  at the Paris sim. )


*Preptopia* Midnight Jazz Stormy Blue
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * YERIAK * brown
Chop Zuey – Sultaness Necklace & Earrings

Pose by ISO-Motion

Shot on location at: The Shire


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