On the Pier

warmth on the pier

warmth on the pier


It’s going to be a good day

Early morning on the pier, what a fantastic start to the day.  The morning sun creeping over the dunes and warming the sand, and the sea breeze rising up to meet me.

What possibilities awaited for me today and, with the accompaniment of this light and breezy dress from Fascino made me feel that I could meet them head on. Now, I don’t know about anyone else, but a flared skirt like this makes me want to dance. The cut in the front, and the bow on the back, add a playful flirty nature to the dress. Perhaps I’ll go and dance later – it feels like that type of day. Don’t believe me? Why not pick up a dress for yourself at the mainstore, it comes in an assortment of colors, and see how it makes you feel.

For now, I’ll enjoy my time with the sun.


.::Fascino::.  “Love” Cocktail  Dress @ The Mainstore
Hair: !Vanity Hair::Sabine-blacks

Poses by *PosESioN*

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