Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Confidence. It’s not about having the loudest voice or putting on the biggest show, nor is it even about putting on the most extravagant item and being the head-turner of the room. Confidence is about believing in yourself, and knowing that you have things handled.

You know who you are and what your capable of, the things you can offer, and you’re going to go after it.

Often when we see change looming in front of us, or an opportunity we’d like but are not quite sure it’s a good fit for us, we don’t even try to see what would happen. Being confident in yourself doesn’t mean you’re not afraid of the outcome. It’s about taking that fear and pressing forward.

When you’re confident others see it too. It’s contagious. People can feed off of it and find within themselves the ability to step out and into what they want also.

I got my confidence. What are you waiting for?

Sleeveless Zip Mini-Dress-Animal – from Goodnight Gear
Hair: Analog dog – 42 – dark brown

B&W – DIVINA Sunglasses – SFF2014 (Exclusive)
Allie Shoulder bag/Beige – from GABRIEL
{tealSwan} Mesh Thigh Leather Boots – Chic

Pose from Iso-Motion

Shot on location at: City of Paola


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