A good night to a good morning

The things that come to mind

The things that come to mind

What are some of the things that lead to having a good night? Maybe its a night out with friends. Perhaps it’s curling up with a special someone. Having a good night can even be gotten simply by taking a good thought with you to bed. What’s a good thought? Anything that makes you smile, no matter how small or far reaching it may be.

I’m a firm believer in not going to bed with anger or sadness in your heart. I’ll stay up for hours if I have to, I’ve even been known to pass out from exhaustion in my quest to secure a lighter mood. No matter how the day has been, or what challenges await in the next day, finding something to smile about leads to a good night and a good sleep. When you rest with a positive thought you awaken with a renewed sense of being as opposed to carrying over the previous day’s trails.

Everything looks better in the morning, right? And even if it doesn’t, even if the new day challenges your smile like before, there’s always something to be happy about. You woke up, didn’t you? Sometimes that’s all the happy you need.

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