The Easter Dress

A walk in the gardens

A walk in the gardens

When I was a little girl, every year, around Easter, my mother would take me out to get a pretty dress, a hat, and we’d go for an outing at the flower gardens. Granted, flower gardens were never really my thing – flowers bring bees and I’ve always had a small fear of them – but I went because of her.  Even as I got older we held on to the same tradition of shopping for that “Easter Dress” and taking a walk through flower gardens.

Unfortunately, my mother is no longer around to celebrate the season with me, but that doesn’t mean that I have to stop the tradition. This lovely, Easter-themed dress is perfect. Even the hat makes me reminisce to when I was younger. The vibrant colors and sleek design enabled me to blend in well with my surroundings as I wandered around the lovely botanical gardens of Corona.
Easter has always been a time of rebirth and new beginnings. The time of the year where we finally get to say goodbye to winter and step out into the bright sunshine. Walking around, I can remember my mother, and I’d like to think she’s happy that I’m keeping up with the tradition that we started a long time ago.

Have fun!

Have fun!

I’m sure you have your Easter traditions too and, if you’re looking for something colorful and bright, you should head down to Fascino and pick up this dress.  As for me? I’m going to finish my walk.

Wearing: .::Fascino::.  Easter Lily (includes hat and sunglasses!)
Hair: Magika [01] Habit
Accessory:  [CA] Sibelle Handbag
Poses: *Eternal Dreams* Cecilia (available at Designer Circle – April)

Shot on location at: Corona


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