Take an idea . . .

I have an idea

I have an idea

“Take an idea and run with it.”

I like that idea.  What about this one: “take a flying leap.” That sounds good, but perhaps it won’t be considered unless I know there’s something to catch me at the end.

Going for a run, and randomly taking a ‘flying leap’, are two different things.  You can control where you run, even stop running when you choose, but you can’t change your mind once both feet are off the ground.

Generally, we get ideas – even grand ones – for things we would like to do and, just as we’re about to proceed, we stop.  Our minds start to spin with unwelcome thoughts, even if we have been toying around with our ideas for a long time. What will happen if we do this? What will happen if we don’t?  What are the others going to think? What will you think of yourself?

Take that leap

Take that leap

There are always so many questions, but the answer is always simple. Self-doubt, lack of confidence, even if we’ve faced similar obstacles before and came out victorious, we doubt ourselves when the next situation presents itself.

We should stop doing that. We should stop thinking that our dreams and wants are simply that: dreams.  Everything starts out as a dream.  To make it a reality we only have to decide that we are going to run with the idea, and take that flying leap.

Reach for the moon, if you miss, at least you’ll be amongst the stars.

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