Spring Fling

Hello little birds

Hello little birds

Flowers, birds, bright sunshine and warm breezes, that’s what I think about when I hear the word Spring. I took the time to go for a stroll today – I had a lot to think about.  There are events that are fast approaching – the Fantasy Faire that I’m very excited about – and something new that makes me smile and fills me with butterflies.

I wrote before that Spring meant new beginnings, and then how we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things. It may seem that I boldly step out into the unknown, but that’s not true.  Some things are easy, while others are hard. However, in being able to step out to what you want, sometimes you need a support system.  Friends, family, and people that believe in you can be powerful forces in your life. You don’t need to have many, just one or two will do.

Where do we find these people: the confidants, the ones who support us?  Maybe there’s a store we can go to; stroll through the aisles and find a compatible match.  No? My thought is a bit ahead of it’s time, though it’s a good that such a thing doesn’t exist. Without it we are forced to take a look at the people we surround ourselves with everyday.

To whom do you spend your time with, or sit back and laugh about the smallest things?  Is there someone you think about when you hear a funny joke, or see something interesting? Are they in your support group? If not, how come?

It can be hard to meet people, or even to open up and let them in, but you never know the type of support you will get when you take a chance on people. It is Spring after all.  Time for new beginnings. springflingDone2

*Preptopia* Spring Fling Denim Dream
:: PM :: Sophia Scarf in Pearl
Luas Urban Style – Vintage Hat Pink

RACK Poses – Let Me Be Your Aphrodite 2 (with doves)
*Agape* gown285

Shot on location at: L’arc en Ciel


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