Treat yourself well

What shall I do for me....

What shall I do for me….

How important is it to take care of yourself? All to often we are concerned about the well-being of others that we forget about the one person who matters just as much.

We will spend our days trying to lift the spirits of other people: making them smile, helping them accomplish their goals, giving them the ear that they need, or any other countless things until our energy is spent and we haven’t done a single thing for ourselves. People like to say, “when you’re happy, I’m happy” and other variations of that line. While making other people happy isn’t a bad thing, are you saying that you can’t be happy unless you make another person happy?

We should learn to be good to ourselves first. Treat yourself well. If you want to be a princess, treat yourself like one. If you really want to swim with dolphins, go do it, who cares if nobody else wants to join. Maybe it would make you happy to have a cup of coffee while sitting on your porch steps. You should do that too.

It’s a great feeling you get when making others happy – you’ve given them something to smile about, and brightened their day. However, don’t spend your days trying to absorb the  secondhand happiness that emanates off of others – you won’t get enough for yourself and you won’t know what to do when your happiness sources are gone.

Sometimes sad things happen and  we don’t know how to be happy. At those moments it’s great to have people who can add that missing element into our lives, but we shouldn’t depend on it as they may not be there. Smile. Be happy. Do at least one thing a day that is selfish for your own pleasure.

Treat yourself well. You’re the only you, you’ve got.





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