The Faire Begins

Ready for the guest!

Ready for the guest!

Today is the big day. The opening day of the Fantasy Faire. The gates open up and streams of people will enter in and explore the wonderful designs and emerge themselves in the magical world.

With everything that has been going on, I’ve barely had time to prepare anything.  Gather the musicians, book the entertainment, sweep the floors and find a dress, I hardly knew what I was going to serve the guest when they arrived at my place. Fortunately, a bit of shopping at  The Muses, located in the Tangleshimmer region, helped to solve my problem. Their assortment of decor and fabrics were the perfect compliment to my home.

I got it all.  The best part? Proceeds from many of the items go towards helping to find a cure for cancer.  What could be better than that?

Getting a little help to carry all the things, I was able to get everything set in order.  I can already hear the people talking outside.  They were here.  The Fantasy Faire has begun.

(All listed items below are found at the Fantasy Faire 2015!)

Analog Dog – sola – DARK BROWNS
The Muses . Orchid . RFL .
~tc~ Mesh Butterfly Necklace – BlackAmber

the muses . Titania’s final Chaise
The Muses . Titania’s Feast
the muses . storage with cushioned bench
the muses . work table . spirits


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