Lost in our thoughts

So I was thinking about . . .

So I was thinking about . . .

There are times when we get lost in thought.  Good ones, bad ones, thoughts that we didn’t even know that we had, come sneaking up and take us prisoner for a while. How long we entertain these thoughts is completely up to us.

The other day I had a thought about what it would be like to be a Queen. It’s true that there isn’t a monarchy around today as in the olden days, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t think about it. The thought stayed with me all day and, whenever I would encounter people I’d imagine them filling some courtly role or yelling ‘Off with their head!’- taking a cue from the Red Queen – if they did something particularly annoying.  It was fun and it made me laugh.

Sometimes my thoughts are not so pleasant. When anxious, sad, or upset the thoughts turn inward and start to feed into my negativity.  It can really be quite crippling and, before you know it, everything has gone wrong and you find yourself drifting on a sea of despair without a lifeline or sail. Once you’ve gone that far it’s struggle to pull yourself out, or even to accept the life jacket tossed out to us by our friends.

The world isn’t perfect and life certainly isn’t fair (where’s my no-limit credit card?), but does that mean we should dwell on the bad until we’re lost in thoughts of negativity? Of course not! It’s okay to be mournful over things, and even upset, just don’t stay there. I bet if you look in your dark spots you will find something to be happy about.

Let’s get lost in good thoughts – leave the rest to scatter across the winds. newshotHeadDone

Dress: .:SF:. “Vedris” Bodice  [ Fantasy Faire Exclusive! @ Tangleshimmer Grove ]

.PoshTale. Cequi : Bracers & Collar @ Fantasy Faire 2015
!Musa! Eyeshadow Jasmine RFL1 @ Fantasy Faire 2015
[MUSE] Maiden of Tuatha – White (Crown & Earrings)  @ Fantasy Faire 2015

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Snowdrift – Browns

Poses from*PosESioN* Secret Set
Shot on location at:  Obsession Exposed Gardens


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