Caress of the sun

the feel of the dress

the feel of the dress

Bright rays of the sun, mixed in with the cool air of morning filled my head with a myriad of ideas. There is this lovely place, Winter Moon, that lends itself to a touch of romantic flare coupled with serenity.

You ever have a thought, one of those delicious ones that have you smiling for no reason? Pause for a moment, reflect, there it is, I know the corners of your lips are tugging upwards.

As I traveled along one of the many winding paths, the train of the dress brushed softly against the ground and whispered scandalous secrets in my ears. The shimmering fabric wrapped around me like the encircling arms of a warm embrace. The wind plucked a few cherry blossoms from their branches and I swayed to their own pattern of dance as they made the journey to the ground.

It was a grand dress to dance in, and more smiles crept their way to my face.  Perhaps you’d want to entice good memories, or make new ones, and perhaps this is the outfit that will do it.

The Patricia dress, by Lybra, can be found at their mainstore

taking a walk

taking a walk



Dress:  !:Lybra:! Patricia Red
**{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – SLINK Casual – OPALIS-GOLD
Vanity Hair: Sonata-Soil
[Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Doriana White Necklace

Poses:  from Agapee

Shot on location at: Winter Moon


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