Retail Therapy


One of the things I do when I’m feeling a bit off balance is shop. Get a new outfit (or three), and don’t forget the shoes and accessories to go with it. Retail therapy, that’s what it’s commonly called. The joys of pretending that you have an unlimited credit card and the world is at your disposal.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me there is something liberating in being able to pluck something off the shelf, toss it on the register, and pay for it without even batting an eye. (Though I may be batting more than an eye later as I cast spells and put up wards to rebuke your credit card statement, but that’s later.) There’s a myth about a ‘Black Card’-or maybe it’s silver- that has no limit to its spending. I’ll take that for an hour or two.

The melodic *cha-ching* may be sweet music to our ears, but it doesn’t solve the underlying issue that brought on the splurge.  This new dress, found in the Lybra main store, was the perfect attire for my shopping therapy session. Casual, yet a bit chic, it allowed the movement I needed to stay on the go-go-go. Adding to it, their free pair of sunglasses, and I was set! I may not have an endless wallet, but I can look like I do!

In the end, however, we will have to face whatever it is we were trying to ignore. When this happens, do it with all the fiver and bravado you had when tossing down the money.

Dress: !:Lybra:! Babi

!:Lybra:! BF Sunglasses BURNT (free non-group gift)
Exile:: Kissing Strangers Naturals
Petite Mort – Black felt floppy hat
MG Necklace – Babette – Combo Small – JET SILVER
INDI Designs – De Luca ankle boots black

Pose: *Eternal Dreams* Tallulah

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