Thoughts and Feelings

Feeling the rays, feeling the breeze

Feeling the rays, feeling the breeze

Thoughts and feelings of people can change as often (or even more so) than the weather.  One moment they are up, and the next moment they are down.  Then, right when they think they have leveled out, they end up somewhere in the middle, not knowing how to feel about anything. It’s mostly at this point where the person appears lost, and trying to talk to them is about as profitable as negotiating with a stone.

What do you do when one of your friends is feeling this way – or perhaps that person is you? Commonly I find many pretend that nothing is wrong – I’m well versed in the art of ‘fake it ’til you make it’ – and this tactic often seems to help. I’ve also noticed that the weather has a great effect on a persons emotional health. When it is dark and gloomy out, a persons mood may suffer, just as a sunny day can add a bit of sunshine (bad pun, I know) to your life.

I took time today to bask in the sun and recharge my internal batteries. It has been a very long week with ups and downs on all sides while also being ricocheted off the corners. A good walk in the sun, a good time spent absorbing it’s rays, I may actually be ready for the weekend.


Dress: :V.e. Rock The Boat Dress Aqua @ FaMESHed

Hair: *~*Damselfly*~*Miranda Non-Rig Mesh [Hair w/hat] @ FaMESHed
!Rebel Hope – Laguna Dangle Flower Earring @ FaMESHed
^^Swallow^^Friendship Necklace Female @ Cosmopolitan Room
Finesmith Grace Bracelet

Poses:  Gabby and Grayson from KaTink
Shot on location at: It All Starts With a Smile


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