Missing the energy

Keep standing

Keep standing

It has been a long week.  I’ve hardly gotten anything done – and it’s not because I’ve been lazy, but the energy has been missing. Things have been wearing me down so much it’s a wonder that I had the strength to get up and do anything at all. Though rather than simply rolling over and wallowing in everything, I dug down deep and kicked in the reserves so that I could get back up and  continue forward.

There are times when I don’t want to say anything at all. It’s not that I don’t know what to say – I have a lot of things to say – but I wonder at whether or not my words will be received in the way which they are meant. It’s that always a problem? What’s worse is when you finally say the things you’ve wanted to say only to find rejection.

Rejection isn’t a bad thing – though it may seem like it at the time – but without it, we may end up stuck in something that wasn’t meant for us.  It can hard to understand, especially when what we were denied is something we wanted. Not everything we want is what is good for us, this is why rejection can be good.

If you’ve been rejected by something you wanted, don’t pout.  Take a hard look at what it is and pick your head up. Something better is waiting for you.

Dress: !gO! Telimena – Sunrise @ We ❤ RP

Hair: ~Chimeric Fashions~ Elaborate Updo (White Blonde)  @ We ❤ RP


Wimey: Colors of the Wind Set Brass @ We ❤ RP

#adored – kali eyeshadows – gold
[LF] Rivendell Tiara Gold

!dM deviousMind “Elizabeth” **ROSE** [ choker and earrings ]

Poses from KaTink – Garbo at Event @ 1st


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