Home is where . . .

Home is where....

Home is where….

Where do you belong? Where is home? It’s a simple question, but it  can be complicated at the same time. I’m not talking about the place you lay your head every night. What I’m talking about is the place where you find peace, joy, solace and, most importantly, rest for your soul and acceptance.

Home is supposed to be the place we can run to and find these things when everything else in the world is trying to break us down – but it doesn’t have to be a physical place. Home can be a person – or people – that we are the most comfortable with and we can let down our hair without fear of judgment. Many people spend a lot of energy trying to make a home out of incompatible pieces, or parts that leave their body battered and torn in the end. They were thinking that they could fix the place up and make it everything that they need it to be.

Perhaps you haven’t found it yet, or maybe you’re considering something that has caught your eye. Everyone wants to belong somewhere. As a species we were not made to be alone with nowhere to rest our heads. We like time away, as individuals, but at the end of the day, deep down, we really want to have that place we can call home.


Dress: PaperMoon– ARYA Dress Beady Merlot
Hair: Analong Dog – olivia – dark browns

Shot on location at: ~The Vineyard at Checkmate~ 


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