I had a dream

I walked through the night...

I walked through the night…

I had a dream.

In this dream I walked along the darkened paths of a graveyard. The night was cool and eerie as the rain came down on me and my traveling companions. There were cracks in many of the tombstones and parts of the wall were missing in many places. As I walked around in the rain, I was unsure why I had felt the need to be here. Then I took a closer look at the stones.

Memories were buried in these graves – fragments of myself that I had let die for some reason or another. They were pieces of me that I thought were no longer needed. So, like anything that had outlived its use, I let it go.

Some of the tombstones were hard to read, the chiseled words having corroded away a long time ago. I could only imagine what lost parts of me rested in those now unmarked graves. Kneeling down on the ground I brushed my fingers over the surface of one of these stones. This grave looked older, and more worn, than the others in the graveyard.  It’s true, what had been written there had long since been worn away, but I thought that I could read what had been written. Deep down I knew what laid in the ground there.

Some things that are lost can never be obtained again. I had known that I had covered and pushed down this particular part of myself time, and time again, but I had assumed it was still alive. Somewhere.

This is why my dream had brought me here. It wanted me to realize all the things that I had buried. All the things that I had let die. There were parts of me still left – not everything was here and new self-discoveries were found all the time. It was time to learn from this revelation and resolve to not let more of myself end up here.

Sophia 9

Dress:  Elume – Skirt / Collar
GizzA – Lysistrata Fantasy Costume [Gold] Sleeve
GizzA – Lysistrata Fantasy Costume [Silver] Armor

Hair: Magika – Rewind
Headdress: =Zenith=tou shi (Sky)
face tattoo : *~*HopScotch*~* Warpaint Sun

animals: Culprit UniQrn Nightmare BabyQrn
+Half-Deer+ Solstice Dragon – Firefly (secret)

Poses: KaTink – Sophia 9 & 10

Shot on location at : The Looking Glass


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