Follow the Script

The way you do things

The way you do things

Do it this way.  Like everyone else is doing it.  Here’s the script to follow, remember your lines, but – here’s the kicker – we want you to do it your own way. Ready?  You got it? GO!

And they’re off.  Everyone running to the same thing, getting the same things that are offered, and treating them all the exact same way.  They’re only following the script, right? I suppose that’s one of the conundrums in society – we like for people to do their own things, and yet we want that thing to be exactly what we’ve seen before.

I’ve been running into this a lot recently and, sometimes, I feel it’s easier to be the acceptable “different”.  Smile, nod, and follow the provided script, but be sure to add in bits of commentary to make it different. But is that really easier? For the moment, sure!  It’s having to keep it up time and time again that makes it difficult.

Therefore, be that circle in the square hole. Be the one that takes the script but never reads it. When you do things your way – make sure it’s your way and not the way of others.




.:JUMO:. Tropical Outfit Red @ SNEAK PEEK
TRUTH HAIR Fleur –  browns

poses  :

Frozen Face pose 4
*PosESioN* Locura 5

Shot on location at:  Lost Dream

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