Taking the time away . . .

“And I sure would like some sweet company. And I’m leaving tomorrow. What d’you say?”

This song came on my player this morning.  And it came on yesterday, and a few days before. I do believe my player knows something I don’t. Next week I’ll be taking a trip, going away for a while and maybe even getting in some rest (I really need the rest) and perhaps it’s in relation to that.

Yet, going away means leaving things behind – and you may think that it’s silly to miss something when you know that you’ll be back in a few days. If you’re going somewhere to have a grand experience – or even if you’re going to face a challenge – it’s only natural to want to have someone with you to share in the experience.

If you can’t physically take someone with you, then what about taking a trinket?  Something that you can remember them by? Though, in this age of modern communication, we’re never more than a few clicks away from the people we care about, right? While this may be true, nothing quite compares to having people with you.

So, if you can’t take them with you while you go on holiday, be sure to see them before hand and promise to fill them in on all the hijinks when you get back.

Wearing:  (All Items found at the current round of Shiny Shabby!)

Shirt: =Zenith= Oversize Shirt (Milk)
Hair:  Exile::Kissing Strangers


*LODE* Hat – Lilou
{Reverie} Soho Sandals


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