Packing Yesterday – Moving to Today

packing up the yesterdays

packing up the yesterdays

How do you ever expect to move forward when you’re living in the past?  Many of us (yes, myself included) hold on to the things that use to be.  We do this – especially if the past was so great –  because of the memories. Things were good then, we were happier then, everything was right with the world.

Back then.

While thinking about how things use to be, we have to remember that we don’t live in the past. The present, today, the ‘here and now’ is our home and tomorrow our future. If we keep holding on to what was we will miss out on what ‘is’ – which may be fantastic!

There are some things in my past that are wonderful, and others not so much. The past needs to stay there – in the past – and not work as a crutch to anything that is going on right now.

Love the past. Remember the past. Learn from the past. But, if you’re living in the past, then it’s time to pack your bags and move into the present.

looking for Today

looking for Today


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