What’s your secret?

Tell me your secret

Tell me your secret

Come on. Confess.  We all have one. That thing that makes us smile and causes us to feel giddy on the inside.  Or, perhaps the secret feels like a strong grip that fills you with guilt and anguish. Whatever the feeling caused by your silence, a secret is something we don’t want others to know. It may be something we want to keep hidden for a few hours, a day or two, or we may even have a secret that we’re willing to carry for the rest of our lives.

I wonder if they know...

I wonder if they know…

Why do we keep secrets? I’ll confess, I’m not without a few of my own. I think that it is part of human nature to have something that you don’t want others to know. Whether it’s a good thing, or bad, in this day and age where many things are shared and so much information is public domain, it’s almost refreshing to have a tidbit of information that no one else knows. Sometimes the thing that we are keeping to ourselves is so great that we find someone that we trust to share it with so that we have someone to talk to about this secret.


There are those who think that if you keep a secret from them, then you don’t value the relationship.  Or you don’t trust them enough to know all the details of your life. But why should you divulge everything about yourself? Some secrets are dangerous, like if you’re a psycho axe murder who masquerades as a party host for children, maybe that’s something that shouldn’t be kept under the rug.  Other secrets are silly, as in liking to eat chocolate covered oranges while doing the cha-cha. Maybe that’s something you only wish to share with select people.

When you meet someone, both of you are a well of secrets waiting to be discovered. Good or bad, they are all things that make us who we are. dancer



!dM deviousMind “Minerva” GladiatorDress **RED** @ The Secret Affair
Hair: !Pepe Hair – Grecian @ The Secret Affair

Headdress: Remarkable Oblivion – Eurial – Red – @ The Secret Affair
#adored – kali eyeshadows – red
*May’s Soul* Africa necklace gold
[CX] Aurora Nosechain (Gold)
EarthStones Calliope Armlets
ISON – lace-up gladiator sandals (snow)
Just Magnetized – Sparkly Lipgloss – latte 04

Da’Marcus (thanks for posing with me!)
Outfit: JOMO sexy Warrior suit A
Hair: -S- Zavier Black
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Dragonwars

Pose:   Happy from Amitié
KaTink – He’s With Me
oOo Studio – iced_four

Shot on location at: Incantre, A Fantasy/Medieval RP Sim

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