Expectations hit with reality

Every day there are expectations. The coffee that was ordered (or made) should be hot, the light is suppose to work after flicking the switch. The car will start and get to the place we’re going. Big or small, life is full of expectations.

Influenced by the media – things read, heard, and seen – and by the people around us, expectations are slowly formed. The new job is about to start and, from what has been told about the place and of the people, the first day is expected to go a certain way. A whole week has been dedicated to reading all the required books and the student has crammed until their eyes were sore, so when it’s time to take that test they expect positive results. Two people meet for the first time and instantly click – it’s expected to be the start of a wonderful friendship. While things may go to plan, there are times when expectations go awry.

“I did everything right, even went beyond the call of duty, so what went wrong? That person didn’t do half the things I did and they succeeded.” Sound familiar? What about: “I didn’t expect it to be so easy!”

When expectations hit against the hard wall of reality it can either be great, or it can be a disappointment. It’s not too much of a problem when things go better than expected. However, when a lot of energy has been spent thinking about how things are going to be, and then nothing goes the way it is planned, disappointment comes to call. It can even be a deterrent from trying that particular thing again. Sometimes one can get accustomed to being disappointed, and let down, that they expect negative outcomes. The anticipation of failure and opposition seems logical because those are the only things that expectation has ever given as a reward.

Expectations are wishes, desires, wants: they are not final. If things don’t go as planned, try again! Keep working at it and find a way. Good or bad, reality always plays a hand that could throw everything for a loop.


.::KL Couture::. Carole (turquoise) @ Sneak Peek
::Gabriel:: Allie Shoulder bag
Vanity Hair: Sonata-Dark Browns
Elysium – Karla wedge sandals – noir
{Indyra}: Heirloom Necklace Trio
*MM* Resin Bangles

Pose: Eternal Dreams – Bag Pose @ Designgers Circle

Shot on location at: Tavnoc by Night


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