Take time to breathe

Do what relaxes you

Do what relaxes you

I got up this morning with a myriad of things on my mind – the result of a restless night. Some thoughts were good, others not so much, but they were my thoughts nonetheless and I would have to do something before they consumed my entire day.

A few of the minor thoughts were easy to take care of: what to eat, do I have everything for work, did I remember to take the clothes from the washer? Once that was done, it was time to deal with the other things I had going on – only life decided that I didn’t have quite enough things to handle and tossed me a handful more.

Even the most talented multitasker can be daunted by an overload of work and fall prey to stress. Too much stress can lead to becoming burned out and, after that, a lack of interest in everyday matters and lethargy. So what do you do when you feel the weight of the world pressing down on your shoulders?

For me, it involves stealing a few moments away and indulging in something that I enjoy – which is often fantasy. Sometimes we can be so pressed for time between juggling tasks that the most we can do is take a deep breath, hold it for a few moments, and exhale slowly. Even a simple relaxation exercise like that can held ease the weight of stress.

Don’t let yourself fall victim to stress! Right now, stop whatever your doing and breathe.


Skin: Avea – Amelia ~ Drow // Spirited
Dress: Valkyries Mesh dress Dragon & Cloves @ Fair Play opening August 1
:VL: Horns headress2x RARE @ Fair Play opening August 1st
Suicide Gurls – Aegis EyePatch @Fair Play opening August 1st

::AME:: Lian Collar Onyx Semi-Rare

Exile:: Kissing Strangers Naturals
{tealSwan} Mesh Thigh Black Leather Boots – Chic

pose: *PosESioN* – Posesive Art II 3


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