Is it worth it?

"I've come to collect."

“I’ve come to collect.”

As the day began its transition into night, the street merchants started to close up shop for the day. Within the shadows of a nearby building he silently watched as sales were finalized, and people headed out for whatever pleasure filled their nights. He was waiting for the person that he knew would come by this way. It was, after all, her evening route. A few months ago this particular person had sought him out. She had been growing impatient for things to work out in her favor, and after asking around, had learned that he could be of service.

What she was asking for wasn’t cheap, and he told her there would be a debt to pay. It didn’t matter what it cost, that is what she had said, as long as she got what she wanted. So eager and set upon her own desires that she made the deal without considering the consequences.

Minutes slipped into hours until finally, when the din of the market square grew still, he heard the soft thuds of her feet hitting the cobblestone and the whispering hush of her skirt as she hurried along. She was completely unsuspecting. Now was time to collect his payment.

From where he waited his deep voice cut through the night. “Are you so willing now, little girl, as you were before?”

Startled, she stopped and looked around her for the source of the voice. When she saw him emerge from the shadows she drew her hands to her chest and stepped away from his coming approach. “It’s you,” she said, her voice edged with disbelief and tinged with fear. “Wh-what do you want?”

“A while back you came to me for help,” he answered. The space between them closed quickly and he looked down upon her small frame. He directed his words to her ear and whispered, “And now I am here to collect what is owed.”

All too late, she realized that what she had wanted, wasn’t worth the price


There are things in life that everyone wants, and sometimes we want them so badly that we are willing to do questionable things. We don’t think about the consequences.  We don’t think about what it may mean, or how our words and actions will affect those around us. The only thing we worry ourselves with is the result.

What is the point of getting the things you want if in order to get them you’ve had compromise yourself?

In life there are no shortcuts. Be patient and work for the things you desire. In the end you will receive your due reward.


Dress: :V.e. Aura Gown @ We ❤ RP August

Eira Headpiece  – Calico
Hair: Kissing Strangers – Exile
Glam Affair – Sirya Cloak L Blooqueen

Empyrean Forge: Circadian Necklace @ We ❤ RP August
Hip Belt  – Liliane
!dM Satine – pearlStrings lowerArm

Pose:  I’m Into You By KaTink Props and Poses


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