Keys of Life

Keys of Life

There was a lady sitting on a piano bench. Her fingers were resting upon the ivory keys and her back made a smooth curve to accompany her hunched over shoulders.  Taking a closer look I saw a thick layer of dust and dirt covering the other keys in the row; moss and flowers were growing from under the pianos hood. Dirt was also scrubbed over the wood. Only where her fingers rested were the keys still pristine.

I stepped closer and heard a faint note drift out into the air. I took another step and heard another note. It was slightly different this time but soft all the same. Taking two and then three steps more – all accompanied by the soft melodic notes – and I finally stood at the side of the piano lady. She was pressing down on the keys and making the music. Her fingers were the only part of her that moved.

Clearing my throat I spoke softly to her. “What is it that you are playing?”
The lady’s jaw worked and her lips parted. “Life.” Her voice gravely and dry.
I looked at the other keys all covered with growth and age. “What about the other keys?” I asked. “Are they not part of life’s song as well?”

“I do not know,” she confessed. “I’ve never played anything but these keys.”


Life is ever moving.   It’s ever changing.  There are highs and there are lows, and there’s a whole world to see with things to do. Don’t spend your life doing the same thing over, and over again. Reach out, and play a different key.

Dress: Glam Dreams “ NANY “ Mocha Gown  @ Sneak Peek

Hair: TRUTH  Havana –  browns
#adored – kali eyeshadows – gold
**RealEvil Industries** Raven Rings Set SLink Casual
{MUA} Lipstick – Natural – 08

Pose by: {MUA} Poses – Haute Couture_4

Shot on location at: [Eclectica]


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