Light in the Dark


The sound of her heels clicking against the grey stone filled the silence of castle corridors. Hanging lanterns provided dim light to the otherwise darkened hallways and, though there were windows, none of them emitted light.

She had been walking for a while and had no memory of how she had arrived in this place, or how long she had been there. Was there anyone else? She could not be the only one in this place. At every turn, door, and room, she looked for the presence of another.

“Hello!” She’d call out. “Is anyone here? Anyone at all?” The only reply was the clock of her heels and the whisper of her skirt.

At the top of a stairway she saw a window that was unlike the others. Rays of light poured through the pane and combated the darkness. Intrigued by this, she was drawn to the light. The closer she got, less she able to gaze upon the window. Once she reached it, she had to turn her face away completely.

She had spent so much time wandering around in darkness that she had become blinded to the light.


There are so many people who wrap themselves up in dark thoughts. In sadness. Loneliness. Anger. Fear. They clothe themselves in these things so tightly that it becomes their world, and they wander around looking for people to fill up the dark places. There’s an old saying, ‘misery loves company,’ and in many regards it’s true. There’s a comfort in being around others who share in your darkness.

It’s okay to get down once in a while – everyone does. The point is to not get so consumed in that darkness that you can’t stand the light.


Dress: TOPAZIA- SOPHIA GOWN pastel pink
TRUTH HAIR Ami –  browns

Pose : {MUA} Poses – Turn_8

Shot on location at: Love, Henry


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