Atop the tower . . .

loosing religion

There’s a story of a lady who lives at the top of a dark tower in an old castle. It says that every now and then, people will climb the stairs to see her, but they never come back down.

From the ground the curious ones try to catch a glimpse of her in a window. They say they have seen her looking at the passerby below and beckoning to them with her coy smile of invitation. It looks so innocent and sincere, no one would ever think anything was amiss. Rumors said she had eyes of fire and nails that tore apart at your soul’s desires. But a cross made of diamonds blazed the front of the dress. Surely that marked her as innocent?

So what happened to the person who would climb up the tower steps to see if she was all the stories made her up to be? They were never seen again, nor did their voices ever echo out of the tower an into the wind. The story says that they became one of the purple nightshades that adorned the steps.

Who is brave enough to play her game? Who would climb the steps and be the next one in?

loosing religion2


::Slackgirl:: G-Geisha Makeup @ The 24 – Sept 11- 19
{MUA} Lipstick – Natural – 08
:Diamante: Gemma HV (Slink High & TMP) – Limited Edition @ The 24 – Sept 11- 19
*booN* cornrows hairbase
[sYs] KHALEESI bracelets (unrigged mesh)  – light gold

*PosESioN* Persa 6 & 10

Shot on location at: Incantre, A Fantasy/Medieval RP Sim

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