It’s time to play

Fair Play October
The die had been cast.  It was time for a new round of games, and this time around she planned on winning. On the last round she had underestimated her opponent and had been taken by surprise. Not this time. This time she was prepared.

Before the games she had had it all: power, subjects, her own land to rule over. She had been wicked then and the people feared her. Somewhere along the lines she had developed a heart. A monstrous flaw that her opponent had exploited and it had cost her everything in the games. Now look at her – reduced to abiding in the recesses of a crypt.  But not for much longer.

As she ascended the stairs of her domicile she stroked the feathers of the albino crow on her arm. This creature was the key to her victory. Rare creatures were often seen as a good fortune. Luck. If she knew her opponent well – and she did – this bird would be welcomed into the home with open, and curious, arms. It was only unfortunate that this crows feathers were laced with a slow acting poison.  The only antidote had already been consumed.

“You, my pet, will help me to regain everything that was taken from me.” Once she reached the doors of the crypt she opened them and set the Raven off into the night. Laughing she watched the bird fly away.

“It’s all in fair play…”

Fair Play October 2


Dress: Mistique – Anshee Red @ Fair Play October
Halo:  OtherSkin – Time Out @ Fair Play October
Hair: +elua+ Yepa_Darkbrown @ Kustom9
Make-up and Shoes: Jinx (DD) Dame du Corbeau blanc @ Fair Play October

Tomb:  tiar  – the dark love tomb @ Fair Play October

Pose: RACK Poses – Let Me Be Your Aphrodite

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