The Wrong Party

Wrong Party

She was on her way to a nighttime Galla. Having already been delayed, if she didn’t stay on track she would be late – but this was something she had to stop for. While going to her destination, an old house caught her attention. It looked like a manor that had seen better days, and it surely wasn’t anyplace she would go to while dressed in a ball gown. Yet, she had stopped the car, gotten out, and was now standing on the steps of the old house.

It’s speaking to me, she thought. The darkness of the house is calling out to me.

There was an ache inside of her – empathy for this run down domicile – and she saw past the overgrown vegetation, tarnished boards, and saw the beauty that lay underneath. On the winds she could swear a voice beckoned her to enter, and she was compelled to listen.

Her ache grew stronger once she was inside. This place wanted to shine, but it needed help. There were patches of light given off by flickering candles, but the darkness still prevailed. She picked up a candle and used it to light an unlit one, and then another. Slowly the darkness started to fade, but there was a lot to do if she intended to fill the place with light.

“Stay with me,” the dark whispered to her. “I need someone who can see past my darkness and bring me into the light.”

She looked around her, taking the candles into the darker corners as she tried to find the source of the voice. “Hello? Who’s here?”  There was no reply. “I can’t… I can’t stay. I’m already dreadfully late.”

Even while giving the excuse she knew that she wanted to stay and help the house. How many others had passed by thinking the place was of no use due to the darkness it held? Were the already lit candles made by people who wanted to help, but then gave up? As she thought on these questions the ache grew heavy upon her heart. She knew of many people who pass things up simply because they did not want to put forth the effort. This house was a hidden gem.

“Maybe I was going to the wrong party.” She had decided to stay and restore the house. Sometimes all it takes is faith and determination to restore the light in things covered with darkness.



Dress:  .:FlowerDreams:.Lenina – black @ Sneak Peek
Vanity Hair:: Sooner or Later-browns
-AZUL- Gina /Garnet – gloves
Lazuri Classic Pearls Bracelet

Pose: *PosESioN* Hollywood 9

Shot on location at Obsession Exposed Gardens


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