The Autumn Lady

Fall Fae

There is a story about the Autumn Lady.  While many feel her presence, she is rarely ever seen.  She’s the cool whisper that moves along the grass and curls the wisp of your hair.  She is the one whom touches the leaves and plants; and paints them the color of a beautiful sunset. Stories say that if you’re fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to meet her, she would paint you too.

I saw her one day while I lazed under the boughs of an oak. She was walking through a field of wild grass and headed in my direction. I got up quickly and shifted around the oaks base in hopes of avoiding detection. Her skirt was the color of a warm fire, and the flowers that adorned her waist were gold. The moves of the Autumn Lady were as fluid as the wind and I was captivated. Each step she took painted new colors in the field. It was her personal canvas.

Coming from my daze I realized I would be seen and that there was no where I could go. I tucked myself against the tree and into the grass as much as I could, hoping that I’d gone unnoticed. I even closed my eyes and held my breath – thinking that would help. Then the bark of the oak grew cool and the wind blew strands of my hair against my face.  I shivered and opened my eyes to see the Autumn Lady inches away from me and her fingers poised above my chest.

“Why do you hide from me?” She said. Her voice rang silvery in my ears though her lips did not move. The heat of sparked embers  moved along the finger tips she settled on my chest. If I had wanted to hide from her before, those thoughts were now gone.

She continued to speak. “As it is for all things – you must be cleansed with fire.”

Her fire ran through every inch of my body.  I felt scars, blocked passages, and pain dissipating. The process should have been painful but the fire was quickly cooled.

After a moment the Autumn Lady removed her hand and I sunk down to the ground feeling tired and internally scorched. She said nothing else to me, only turned and continued on her way.  As I watched her leave I began to realize that the pain I had been carrying around – while it wasn’t gone – it had decreased substantially. Things don’t die in Autumn, as many people tend to believe, but the hardships of the year are wiped away in the only thing able to truly bring things to an end. Fire.

It’s why the sky glows with reds and oranges at the end of the day. Because after the fire, comes the cold. After the cold, comes rebirth.


Dress: *GLITTER* Flower Fae Gown Red @ Exclusively at .PENUMBRA. AUTUMN/WINTER FASHION WEEK 2015
Hair: Magika – 03 – Darkness Falls

Make-up: {MUA} – MakeUp Set – Desert
Falling leaves from the-night-bird
Pose: *PosESioN* Wicca Set # 6

Shot on location at:  ** Just Another Tequilla Sunrise


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