Treats and Tricks


Imagine that it’s All Hallows Eve and you’re going from house to house, collecting goodies in your bag. Listlessly I’m tossing a pumpkin from hand to hand while watching you from my porch across the street. You catch my eye and I know I have you now.  You’re captivated by the dancing fire in my eyes and the secret smile upon my lips.

Come closer, I beckon.  Come closer.
You leave the route you were on and start heading down mine. Your pace is steady, not too fast for you don’t want anyone else to follow.  Don’t worry. I’ve only called out to you.

Come closer, my dear, and look deep into my eyes. Forget about what’s in your bag – leave it on the stairs, for none of that matters now. Of all the nights, this one begs for you to be wicked and I have just the thing.

You’ve already brought the treats, now let me indulge you in a few tricks.



Outfit: .::Dead Dollz::. Minuet – Inferno MAITREYA @ We ❤ RP – October
Hair: Magika – 03 – Darkness Falls
#adored – kali eyeshadows – red
Eyes: DLS~ Realism Eyes – FlamingCircuits –

**{FORMANAILS}**Accessories – CASUAL – Rings-2 SILVER
[BlackPearls] Crow Witch Necklace [Fire]

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Altar – Henna @ Wayward Halloween

Poses: .::NanikA::. Halloween poses with Pumpkin
Glamrus – Witches broom (broom included) @ Tres Chic

Shot on location at:  Obsession Exposed!


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