Take the Risk

Life is about Risk and taking chances. Sometimes people are afraid to do so because they don’t know what will happen. Things need to be planned out, worked out, figured out, before risk are even considered. Though, what does that do to the risk?

The risk fades away. Perhaps it simply becomes a distant thought of what a person might do, but never attempt.

Standing at the crossroads of taking a risk, and holding back while she thought about it longer, was this young lady. There was a risk that she wanted to take, and she had thought about it before, but never took any steps towards making it happen. Until now.

Pushing back all the questions and all the fears that clouded her thoughts, she had made up her mind that taking this risk was worth it. Since then there seemed to be nothing stopping her from going through with it. So why was she now standing there, at this crossroad, ready to take that risk, yet she was unmoving?

Could it be that once a risk has been taken, it can’t be undone? It’s not possible to suddenly have a change of heart, press a button, and have another chance. Circumstances would be different. This is why people always want to be sure of what they are doing before they do it. This is also why the good things pass us by.  This is why that young lady was stuck at her crossroad.

In the end, people should take risks and not worry about all the things that may happen. If nothing else, at least to be able to say that they were not afraid to try.

Dress: [EvelineInTheBox] Caroline Blue @ Fair Play November

Accessories: ERSCH – Haighgarden Leaves @ Fair Play November

Hair: Analog Dog – bangers
Pose: ::NanikA::.Falcon Pose

Shot on location at:  Southern Paradise

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