Living in a Circle

Focus Cube
Sometimes people can spent part of their lives living in a circle – a constant loop. For every situation they say the same thing, and they do the same thing.  Over and over again, their actions can be mapped out like clockwork.  For kicks, they even add in a well placed ‘I’ll never yadda-yadda again.’

Give it a bit of time and guess what? They are doing what they said they’d never do.

The cycle continues.

You can map out the steps. One. Two. Three  Perhaps you mention to them, “Isn’t this what you said about this and that?” and they responded by saying how that situation is different from the one they are in now.

This time, it will be different. This time, things will be done right.

When you’re living in a circle, and your life is on repeat, sometimes you may think that you’re doing something different ‘this time around’, but the only thing that has changed is the scenery.

Take your finger off the repeat button. Stop the circle and get off.


Dress: KC | Couture. AERYN
Hair: Analog Dog – 42 – dark browns
Shoes: Pure Poison – Anna Boots @ Collabor88 – November

Pose: GlamRus . Focus Cube @ The Chapter Four – November


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