An Introspective look


It’s almost ironic that this week is a time of Thanksgiving in the US and many of the same people who have been complaining about the things that they don’t have will, all of a sudden, boast loudly a chorus of thanks for everything in their lives. How can they complain one moment about all the things they want and feel a right to have, then next say that they’re thankful for the very things they fussed about days before?

Has being thankful simply become something that we do because everyone else is doing it?  A seasonal fad? “I hate my job, but this week I’m going to say how thankful I am to have it because it’s what I’m suppose to do. Once Thanksgiving is over I’ll go back to complaining.”

We’re not under any obligation to declare how thankful we are simply because of the seasonal holiday that is approaching – defiantly not if our gratitude is not sincere. There may be times in which we don’t like something in our lives, and we complain about them, or we become envious and jealous.  These are human responses – and the last time I checked we are all still human – and things of that nature are to be expected.

However, if you do plan on proclaiming thanks this holiday season, make sure that you are genuinely thankful for those things. Empty words can often do more harm than good. There’s a saying, if you can be thankful over the small things you have, you will be rewarded with more.


Dress:  *agp* Mia dress @ KUSTOM 9 – November
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *ADELE* -BRUNETTE @ O9 – November

Boots: !! Maci ~ Fetish Leather Boots

Cat:  +Half-Deer+ Winged Cat – Contemplate

Pose: oOo Studio: Footsie

Lighting done with the LumiPro System!

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